Die neue Login-Werbung von GetProfitAdz

Die Login Adz sind ab heute erhältlich!GetProfitAdz

Für $199 ist es ab sofort jedem Mitglied möglich für 7 Tage seine Werbeseite für 10 Sekunden anzeigen zu lassen und zwar jedesmal wenn sich jemand bei GetProfitAdz einloggt.GetProfitAdz LoginAdz

Wie ich finde eine tolle Neuerung und eine gute Möglichkeit sein Geschäft zu bewerben. Alles über die neuen Login Adz finden Sie hier: Login-Werbung schalten bei GetProfitAdz.

Andere Werbemöglichkeiten finden Sie in der GetProfitAdz Anleitung→Werbung schalten.

4 Gedanken zu „Die neue Login-Werbung von GetProfitAdz

  1. Hi, I have visited this GetProfitAdz, It seems very promising and I think I will give it a try. Could you explain more about this and how does it work. Do we just place an ad in our website, then what happen? I would like to know more about this. Thanls

    • Hi saif,
      thanks for your interest. GetProfitAdz is an advertising platform, where you can buy different kind of advertising, like banner ads, text ads, PTC…For your start i recommend you to buy the Revenue Share AdPacks. Because with these you get advertising credits (banner- and text ads), which means you can do advertising for you business or your website AND you get profit share from the whole company’s revenue. Means from the income of all AdPacks, you will get a share, which is at the moment and since i joined around +/- 1% ($0,25) daily from each AdPack. But of course the revenue depends on how much AdPacks the company sells. And there are even more opportunities to earn with GetProfitAdz. Have a look at this site: the earnings with GetProfitAdz.
      I would be lucky if you join my team. For registration click the button at the sidebar.
      If u need support, don’t hesitate to contact me!

      Best regards,

  2. I got totally confused on how this works.
    they pay 30% per month? and you can do Pay per click? you can bring traffic to your website as well?
    Could you please explain more about it?

    • Hi jagulba,

      at the beginning it seems a bit confusing, but the more information you collect the better it will be clear for you. That’s why i built this website, to explain it in the best way im able to and to answer your questions.
      Let’s just look at the possible earnings from the AdPacks now, which cost $25 each. Let’s say for example each Pack gives you 1% every day (the average at the moment) in return, which is $0,25 daily, you have a monthly income of $7,50. You can purchase up to 2500 AdPacks, so the calculation is: $0,25 x 2500 = $625 daily. This $625 i multiply with 30 days for a month: $625×30= $18750 monthly! From this sum you can pay out the half, which is $9375. The other half must to get reinvested.
      This earnings are a result of the AdPacks the whole company sells, from which you get a share, depending on how much AdPacks you own. So it’s recommended to buy around 40 AdPacks when you start and reinvest your earnings until you make a pay out. I for example wait until i have 250-300 Packs.
      I made a table of the earnings you can have, depending on how much AdPacks you have: GetProfitAdz calculator
      With every AdPack you buy you also get 25.000 credits in form of banner- or text ads. This are just views, no clicks.

      So yes, you can get more traffic to your website by this advertising and you are even earning passive income!

      To get to your next question: At GetProfitAdz you can also buy PTC advertising, means you pay for clicks to your website. You can choose the countries where you want your PTC ad to be shown. Have a look here: GetProfitAdz Pay-to-Click

      Another way to advertise and earning money are the $5 Matrix Cycler and the $50 Matrix Cycler.

      I hope that i made it a bit clearer for you. If you have more questions i will answer you with pleasure.

      Best regards,

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